31 Mar 2011

Romanian Mps’ Greed Exposed by Journalist’s Sms

A journalist from Romania Libera, posing as a business from the United Arab Emirates, sent a text message (SMS) to 460 Romanian MPs and Senators offering to make a deal with them. According to Euractive.com’s report,

An ‘explosion’ of telephone calls followed – 113 calls and 68 SMS messages – requesting a meeting. Only nine parliamentarians responded by saying that the law prohibited them from entering into such business relations.

Many of the MPs answered the text message very quickly, with one MP calling 7 times in just 2 1/2 hours. In total, 113 calls and 68 text messages were received by the journalist, Daniel Befu.

The daily has published a list of SMS messages from MPs interested in the deal and another series from those who declined the proposal.

Here is the complete story from Euractive.com