14 Dec 2011

Russian Ngo Launches Anti-Corruption Program

The Russian organization “Committee for Fighting Corruption” has developed a new program entitled “World Without Corruption”, which is focused on the collaboration between civil society and the private sector towards strengthening the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) until 2020. The program has received the collaboration and support from international experts and activists and is being implemented within the scope of the UN Global Compact network in Russia.

In an article published on the website “Russia beyond the headlines”, Anatoly Golubev, founder and Chairman of the Board of Committee for Fighting Corruption, highlights the need for collective action to tackle corruption, including the involvement of multiple sectors of society, such as the media, academia, unions and religious organizations, all of which can make valuable contributions towards the goal of reducing corruption in a country.

Mr. Golubev also emphasizes that civil society efforts to fight corruption should be developed in partnership with the business sector, which is in its majority negatively affected by corruption and is therefore “the main and natural ally of civil society in their fight against corruption”.

Read the full article “Russian NGO Pitches Anti-corruption to UN” on rbth.ru. The picture featured above is from forbes.com.