08 Aug 2011

Serbia Fighting Corruption in Party Financing

The Serbian parliament adopted a law on Tuesday that will allow for greater public scrutiny of party financing in Serbia. The EU has pushed Serbia to adopt such a law becasue Serbs consider party financing to be one of the biggest generators of corruption in the country. Milan Markovic (pictured here), the State Administration Minister, was quoted as saying that The law also envisages clear penalties for those who fail to abide by the regulations, giving the law teeth.

The new law provides for jail time between 3 months and 3 years for those who acquire funding illegally or for those who provide the illegal funding. Serbia’s Anti-Corruption Agency (site only available in Serbian at the moment) has also praised the new law, saying that Control of party operations can prove to be crucial in suppressing corruption on the political scene.

For the original article from SETimes.com, please click here.

Please note that the photo of Mr. Markovic comes from B92.com and is attributed there.