20 Jun 2011

Serbia Must Fight Crime and Corruption to Join Eu – Barroso

Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission (pictured here – left), met with Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic (also pictured here – right) to discuss Serbia’s future integration into the European Union, saying that Serbia needed to continue fighting organized crime and corruption as part of ongoing judicial reforms.

Mr. Barroso said that Time is running out and the key is in the hands of Serbia. The criteria must be met, the judicial reform, fight against organized crime and corruption to attain the goal,…Of key importance is cooperation with The Hague Tribunal and we expect that Serbia will do everything it can with respect to this.

The government of Prime Minister Cvetkovic has itself a goal of attaining EU Candidate status by the end of the year, or, at the very least, by the time the PMs mandate runs out in a year.

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Please note that the photo of Mr. Barroso and PM Cvetkovic comes courtesy of Xinhuanet.