01 Aug 2011

Serbian Anti-Corruption Council Releases Report

Serbia’s Anti-Corruption Council released a report in mid-May on the privatization of the company Novosti and announced this both via a press conference (photo here) and online on their website (available in English and Serbian). The Council’s findings include the belief that the state privitization institution had made mistakes over the past 10 years that had injured Serbia.

Decisions were made by the institution to favor certain interests groups and wealthy individuals during its privitization, with the Council deciding to submit criminal complaints regarding the illegal privitization of Novosti.

Along with the short news brief summarized here, the site also includes the actual report on the privitization and a letter to the Prime Minister.

The original news brief can be found on the linked website above; please also note that the photo of the news conference also comes from the Anti-Corruption Council’s website.