14 Nov 2011

South African Ngo Launches National Whistleblowing Week

The South African organization Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC) has announced the launch of the National Whistleblowing Week (logo pictured here), which will begin on October 17th. The main objective behind this initiative is to provide citizens with information about existing procedures to report corruption cases.

According to Alison Tilley, ODAC’s Executive Director, the premise behind the event is that the action of each individual in the fight against corruption matters and must be fostered. He also mentioned that the week comes at a moment of vulnerability of existing whistleblower protection legislation, with the pending passing of the Protection of State Information bill.

Read the full article National Whistleblowing Week Launched on ODAC’s website. More information on the event is available at www.blowthewhistle.org.za.