26 Apr 2011

Spanish Mep Caught Favoring Pretty Lobbyist As Part of Sunday Times Scandal

Another MEP has been caught up in the scandal surrounding several MEPs after a Sunday Times team caught Spanish MEP Pablo Zalba Bidegain admitting that the reporter was very attractive.

Mr. Zalba Bidegain was adament, however, that he received no form of payment from the Sunday Times team, even stating that he refused offers to becom a member of the board of their fake group and cash for the introduction of the amendment. The former businessman furthermore stated that I voted the way I voted because I thought I was making the law better. Some people want to make a story out of nothing […] I accepted no money or favours.

The piece of legislation that Mr. Zalba Bidegain introduced was intended to introduce compensation for investors in case of fraud, which Mr. Zalba Bidegain stood behind.

To add further embarassment to Spain, while Mr. Zalba Bidegain was the only Spanish MEP to be engaged in the ongoing scandal, Spanish daily El Mundo reported that this was not due to moral integrity of Spanish MEPs, rather it was due to the fact that none of the other Spanish MEPs had good enough English-language skills to make a lobbying proposition possible.

To read the original story from Euractiv.com, please click here.

The photo of Mr. Bidegain is from his MEP profile.