01 Aug 2011

Spanish Party Accused of Buying Votes in Local Election

Juan José Imbroda (pictured here), the mayor of Melilla and from the Popular Party (Partido Popular – PP), has been accused of buying the votes of drug addicts and the poor by offering them jobs, cash, or coupons for food or gas for the May 22nd City Council election. Mustafá Aberchán, head of the Coalition for Melilla, accused Mr. Imbroda and officially filed a complaint with the Anti-Corruption Court and hopes to have the election results annulled.

These accusations of corruption come amidst turmoil in the Spanish political system, as the Socialist Party of Spain (PSOE) is positioned to lose as many as 90 administrative districts to the PP, in part due to the lack of support by the United Left (Izquierda Unida – IU) – who may yet swing to the right and support the PP.

For the original article from El País, please click here.

Please note that the photo of Mr. Imbroda also comes from El País’ archives, found here.