14 Nov 2011

TI Georgia Releases National Integrity System Assessment

Transparency International’s national chapter in Georgia has released earlier this week a new National Integrity System country assessment based on the period between 2009 and 2011. The report shows that the government’s drive to fight corruption in the past years has brought positive results on some fronts, but important weaknesses remain.

The National Integrity System (NIS) assessment is based on a methodology implemented by Transparency International. The study analyzes 12 institutions considered to be the core of Georgia’s integrity system. The main findings point to improvements in the Executive’s and law enforcement agencies’ capacity to fight corruption. At the same time, however, the Executive has grown stronger than the other government branches, which raises concerns about the potential for abuse of power in the government.

Additionally, the study found evidence that political parties, civil society and the media are still weak and have limited capacity to contribute to the fight against corruption.

Read the press release on TI Georgia’s website. The full report is also available on the website.