20 Sep 2011

Transparency Reporting Project Publishes Survey Results

The results of a nationwide online survey, conducted under the Philippine Public Transparency Reporting Project (PPTRP) between June and August 2011, show that a vast majority of the respondents is dissatisfied with anti-corruption efforts implemented by government institutions.

According to the survey, 90 percent think that the Congress and the Judiciary are not doing enough against corruption in the country, and 80 percent believe that those institutions have a major role in fighting corruption.

Additionally, 60 percent of respondents said that the current government is not implementing a good strategy to increase transparency and accountability. Nevertheless, 54 percent acknowledged that there has been real progress against corruption in the present administration.

The survey also revealed that around 90 percent of respondents believe that the government must work in partnership with citizens in order to improve transparency and curb corruption.

For the full story on gmanews.tv, please click here. The project’s website can be accessed here.