20 Sep 2011

Transparency Rwanda Releases Study on Gender-Based Corruption

Transparency Rwanda has released today a report on gender-based corruption in Rwandan workplaces. It reveals that, despite significant progress in fighting corruption and promoting gender equality, gender-based corruption remains a relevant issue in the country.

According to the survey results, 5% of respondents were themselves victims of gender-based corruption in workplaces, and almost 20% know someone who has experienced it. The problem is more common in the private sector, and affects mostly women in search of a job. Another reason of concern shown by the report is the fact that only 5.6% of victims report their cases to government authorities.

The report is the first of its kind in Rwanda. The study was conducted with organizations in the whole country and had as a time frame the period between 2008 and 2010. It was also complemented with focus groups discussions.

For more information, please access the press release here.