20 Jun 2011

Turkish President Calls on Politicians to Stand Against Blackmail

Turkish President Abdullah Gül called on all politicians to stand against the use of blackmail in light of a video blackmail scandal involving the opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

President Gül, before receiving the Ambassadors from Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Honduras, said that “Such blackmail is both ugly and dangerous. It may happen to one person today and to others tomorrow. Prosecutors and judicial bodies should investigate closely these incidents and unravel the groups that are behind them”.

MHP has been rocked lately by a scandal involving sex tapes, whereby a website threatens to release the videos online if politicians refuse to resign. 4 senior-level MHP politicians have already resigned, with an additional 6 MHP politicians having done the same.

The group, which calls itself Farklı Ülkücülük (Different Idealism), has threatened to continue unless the party’s leader also resigns.

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