15 Aug 2011

Tymoshenko’s Trial Adjounred Until Monday

Yulia Tymoshenko, the former Prime Minister of Ukraine, had her trial adjourned until Monday in order to allow her more time to read the evidence against her. Ms. Tymoshenko is accused of abuse of power during her time in office, which she claims is simply summary justice on the part of her arch-rive Viktor Yannukovych.

The allegations, which stem from a 2009 deal made with Russian PM Putin to buy gas from Russia, carry a 7-10 year prison sentence, making Ms. Tymoshenko’s eligibility to run in parliamentary polls next year and the Presidental elections in 2015 questionable.

For the original article from Yahoo! news, please click here. Please note that the photo of Ms. Tymoshenko also comes fro the Yahoo! site and is credited to the Associated Foreign Press.