08 Aug 2011

Uganda’s Pm Cleared of Wrongdoing in Conflict-Of-Interest Case

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi of Uganda was cleared yesterday of charges of conflict of interest stemming from the purchase of a communications system by the Inspector General of the Government. A May 2010 Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) had recommended his prosecution in a general report for a deal amounting to about $5 million that was awarded to Balton (U) Ltd. by a security sub-committee.

The IGG report, written by Raphael Baku, states that No case has been established for prosecution or disciplinary action against any of the people involved in the procurement of the Security Communication System, contrary to the Parliamentary PAC report.

For the original in-depth article, please see allafrica.com’s site here. Please note that the photo of PM Mbabazi comes from a Ugandan news and information site, which can be found here.