04 May 2011

Ukrainian Government Ministers Richest in the World

Sonia Koshkina, considered to be one of Ukraine’s leading journalists, has accused the Ukrainian government of being a de facto plutocracy, with the 16-member cabinet claiming at least 5 multi-millionaires and one billionaire. While this is common knowledge in Ukraine, government officials still find ways to avoid publicly reporting all of their financial assets.

Ms. Koshkina, whose real name is Ksenia Vasilenko, who was speaking on behalf of online media site lb.ua, disclosed these details at an event in Brussels organized by the EU-Ukraine Business Council.

While Ukrainian diplomats were among those in attendance, they did not seem to be all that surprised by the disclosure, while many Western European attendants seemed to be shocked both by the information and the lack of any attempt to counter or explain those claims on the part of the Ukrainian diplomats.

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