24 May 2011

Us Ambassador to Bulgaria Says Bulgarian Justice System Is Corrupt

The US Ambassador to Bulgaria, James Warlick (pictured), said that the Bulgarian judicial system was dishonest, corrupt, and had two sets of standards: one set for the wealthy and powerful and another for the poor and ordinary.

The Ambassador made his comments at a national security and anti-crime conference organized by the George Marshall Association in Bulgaria. Warlick also stated that it was imperative that the Bulgarian government enforce the rule of law, that it end the double standards in judicial proceedings, and that the Interior Ministry make some necessary arrests.

Ambassador Warlick ended his statements by saying that Bulgarian prosecutors needed to be able to gather adequate evidence while, at the same time, respecting the privacy rights of Bulgarian citizens and that Bulgaria should look asset-freezing laws in Germany and Switzerland in order to combat crime.

For the original story from the Sofia Echo, please click here.

The picture of Ambassador Warlick also comes from this Sofia Echo article and is courtesy of Nadezhda Chipeva.