04 Jan 2012

Vietnamese Reporter Arrested After Exposing Police Corruption

The journalist Nguyen Van Khuong has been arrested in Ho Chi Minh City under charges of bribery, after exposing corruption within the traffic police in the newspaper Tuoi Tre. Khuong is known for his investigative work and has published many articles uncovering corruption in the police. He shall remain in custody for four months, until the investigation on his case is concluded.

According to the accusation against him, Khuong bribed a traffic police officer for the release of an impounded vehicle. The bribe took place as part of undercover investigative reporting, in which he pretended to be a traffic offender in order to obtain evidence of corruption in the police.

Reporter Without Borders expressed strong criticism about his arrest, claiming that his actions were taken in the public interest, and not for personal gain.

Read the full article “Newspaper reporter arrested for undercover investigation of police corruption” on en.rsf.org. The picture above is from talkvietnam.com.