14 Nov 2011

Whistleblowers in India Risk Their Life

A report by Bloomberg journalists published yesterday shows an upclose picture of the risks incurred by whistleblowers in India. Since January 2010, already 12 whistleblowers have been murdered and another 40 assaulted after using the country’s Right to Information Act to access government documents.

Nevertheless, some activists highlight the importance of this piece of legislation, passed six years ago, in allowing the population to check on government actions. In some cases, information gathered through the use of the Act has exposed corruption and led to the resignation of several public officials.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared last week that the government is already working towards the passing of whistleblower protection legislation, which would guarantee their security and secrecy about their identity.

Read the full article Whistleblowers Murdered Show Hazard of Exposing India Corruption on bloomberg.com. The picture featured above is from publictrustofindia.com.