14 Nov 2011

Zambia’s New President Pledges to Fight Corruption

In his first address to Parliament this Friday, Zambia’s new president Michael Sata (pictured here) pledged to take stronger measures to fight corruption. Mr. Sata said that his administration will seek to strengthen anti-corruption legislation and investigate corruption accusations against the previous government.

One of the measures mentioned in his speech was restoring abuse of office as a criminal offense, a legal provision that was repealed by the former government.

Mr. Sata has already began anti-corruption efforts by removing Godfrey Kayukwa as head of the Anti-Corruption Commission. His decision was motivated by accusations that Mr. Kayukwa, considered to be close to former President Rupiah Banda, had mishandled corruption investigations by the Commission.

Read the full article Zambia’s new president vows corruption crackdown on rnw.nl. The picture of Mr. Sata shown above is from africareview.com.