Televised Municipal Debates

To support the democratic process and accountability in office, IASGAP performed all necessary research for municipal public debates between political parties one year after the elections to review promises made during the election campaign versus actual initiatives undertaken by winning candidates to fulfill these promises.

Monitoring of Public Services in Kosovo

BIRN seeks support to monitor the performance of public institutions in all the regions of Kosovo. Specifically, BIRN seeks support for the monitoring of courts, health and education structures in seven biggest municipalities of Kosovo and the regions surrounding them. Through monitoring these three most criticized public sectors in Kosovo, BIRN will hold public officials in charge for the well-functioning public services accountable, with a particular focus in courts and rule of law. By collecting the quantitative and qualitative data through municipal monitors in the sphere of rule of law, education and health BIRN will advocate for democratic reforms and contribute to breaking down the barriers for a European integration.

‘Civic Society Anti-Corruption Response’, Croatia and Kosovo (2008)

The project implemented by SAR together with PSD Croatia and COHU Kosovo aimed to strengthen the ability of partner organizations to implement anti-corruption advocacy projects. The program monitored the entire process, from policy-making to research to advocacy.


  • Report on conflicts of interest, distributed electronically to all stakeholders
  • Hold an international conference in May 2008, with the participation of all partners, to present the status quo on conflicts of interest, the mechanisms that can be used to disclose them and civil society involvement in projects that would increase civil servants’ responsibility
  • Advocacy activities regarding the campaing entitled “Yes for Parliament with Clean Hands”, implemented by BURA before the parliamentary elections. The campaign was shaped after the Coalition for a Clean Parliament
  • Activities for consolidating the BURA NGO network, coordinated by PSD – meetings, public events, discussions


  • Report regarding conflicts of interest, the efficiency of statal instruments against corruption (including research on two conflicts of interest programs  and assets statements), distributed electronically to all the stakeholders
  • International conference in April 2008. The participants list included SAR, COHU and MJAFT. The conference aimed to to present the status quo on conflicts of interest, the mechanisms that can be used to disclose them and civil society involvement in projects that would increase civil servants’ responsibility

Implemented from January 1, 2008 to December 15, 2008


Kosova Democratic Institute Publishes Report on Political Finance

The Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI) published earlier this month the report entitled Legislation and Practices in the Financing of Political Parties, developed as part of Transparency International’s CRINIS research project on political finance. The report highlights that finances of political parties in Kosovo continue to be characterized by lack of transparency and accountability, and that this has contributed to a generalized perception of political parties as the most corrupted political institutions in the country.

The publication analyzes last year’s financial reports of the six main political parties in Kosovo and assesses the country’s legislation on party finance and the performance of the main oversight body, the Central Election Commission (CEC). According to the assessment, regulation for book-keeping and scope of reporting by parties have good standards, whereas preventive measures, sanctions and efficiency of oversight by the CEC still need improvement.

The study also identified a gap between the legal framework for party finance and the actual practice by political parties, revealing a problem with the implementation of laws in this area. Another important conclusion stated in the document is the need for improvements in the regulation of funding by private donors and for the consolidation of the legal framework for political finance into a single piece of legislation.

Read the full article Political parties the ‘most corrupt institutions in Kosovo’ on The report is available on

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