Czech Republic

Public Integrity Index: 8.25

The Czech Republic has been one of the most successful new democracies in building control of corruption, and its administrative simplicity and transparency are very good. The judiciary and the media have also managed to deliver on their role. The country has been struggling for many years with high resources for corruption, in particular in the form of EU funds, which had seriously put its corruption defenses to the test. It needs to upgrade its conflict of interest and political funding rules, where it lags behind the EU average.

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Selected trends from the Public Integrity Index

Trends in Judicial Independence, Administrative Burden, Freedom of the Press over the past 13 years

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One response to “Czech Republic”

  1. Absolute BS speaking as a foreign investor who has been openly robbed of all funds and IP by a former partner and Jednatel, with the help of the company lawyer and the entire staff working as a crime team to tunnel the company.
    Aided by 2 investigators and a Prosecutor for almost 4 years accumulating over 5,000 files of factual and criminal information, damages amounting to more than 1 billion CZK. We have put a lot of information where possible on the public domain justice website. We have filed at least 10 criminal charges but so far nothing has been done. I signed a declaration not to speak to the press or TV organisations but I don’t care about that anymore I realise it’s just to keep one quiet.

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