Public Integrity Index: 5.82

Kenya has been incrementally improving in regard to judicial independence, e-government, and administrative burden. Over the last decade, widespread top-level graft has seemingly coexisted with organized crime and petty corruption. Although a wave of arrests and indictments in 2019 from within the government may signal the end of impunity culture, it also indicates the high level of corruption within the ruling party. Yet, Kenya needs more than arrests; it needs major legislative and administrative reforms to improve regulatory quality, removal of regulations that are harmful to businesses and citizens, and increase citizens’ involvement with authorities and public services. As Kenya still lags behind many of the countries in its income group on most IPI components, reforms to reduce opportunities for corruption are long overdue.

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Selected trends from the Public Integrity Index

Trends in Judicial Independence, Administrative Burden, Freedom of the Press over the past 13 years

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