Public Integrity Index: 6.57

Moldova has managed to redeem its democracy after each periodic deep fall, but this has not helped its governance progress significantly along years. The country has adopted all the anticorruption laws and institutions in the repertory, largely with the encouragement and the financial support of the international community. Given the sub-optimal rule of law in this post-Soviet country, the string of anticorruption institutions proved entirely useless and even a source of concern, as their politicization threatened opposition politicians, due to selective enforcement or simply judicial repression. Moldova has reached the limit of what can be achieved by administrative simplification and transparency and desperately needs some international political consensus on rebuilding basic rule of law constitutional architecture. This would include the cleaning of grey areas related to separatist Transnistria; deep depoliticization and an entire vetting process of judges and prosecutors, with European support.

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Trends in Judicial Independence, Administrative Burden, Freedom of the Press over the past 13 years

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