Public Integrity Index: 5.57

Uganda, the target of many Western donors anticorruption policies has been lagging for the past decade, even on the relatively costless policies of reducing administrative discretion and increasing fiscal transparency. In the absence of freedom of the press, its whistleblower protection act did not have any impact (whistleblower journalists were arrested, even from the BBC). Selective enforcement and discrimination resulted also from an anticorruption deprived of autonomy. Citizen empowerment by way of extending Internet and Internet literacy, on one hand, and transparency and digitalization reforms, to make public services more accessible, on the other seem the only feasible ways ahead in the absence of some major political overhaul which would shake the existing structure of established rents. Global Corruption Barometer 2019 records very high disapproval of the government anticorruption policies.

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Selected trends from the Public Integrity Index

Trends in Judicial Independence, Administrative Burden, Freedom of the Press over the past 13 years

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