Balkan Trust for Democracy

List of Projects

Title Activity Type Policy Area Year

Investigative Journalism and Access to Information in Albania

Increasing the Strength of Partnership Between Media and Cooperation with Law Enforcement Institutions in Fight Against Trafficking

Kosovo Current Affairs TV Project

Monitoring of Public Services in Kosovo

Televised pre-second round mayoral elections debates

Citizens’ complaints on judicial inspection: increasing transparency and accountability of the judiciary toward the public

A Citizens Report Card for Citizens of Albania

Requesting the Ombudsperson to Act on the Infringement of Patients’ Rights in the University Clinic of Kosovo

Promoting Quality Dialogue between Political Leaders and the Public

Televised Municipal Debates

Moving Towards Good Governance in Shkodra City

Support to Final Status Talks

Increasing Accountability of Elected Officials Through Domestic Watchdog

Kosova C (+ Coalition for a Clean Parliament)

Against Corruption

Clean Future Free of Corruption

Only fish don’t take bait?

2000 2006

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