British Embassy

List of Projects

Title Activity Type Policy Area Year

Improving the policy making capacity of the Bulgarian Judicial system

2005 2006

Anti-corruption measures at the Naturalisation Board of Latvia in the process of acquisition of citizenship


Openly about the finances of the 2005 local authorities elections


Openly about the finances of the 9th Saeima elections



2006 -

Curing and preventing corruption at the local government in Albania

2008 2009

Coalition for a Clean Parliament – European Parliament Election 2007


Building capacity of the National Prosecution Office in the context of curbing corruption

2003 2005

Reform of the Prosecution Office of the Republic of Bulgaria

2006 2008

Conflicts of interest

2003 2007

Index V4


Transparency for the Police

1999 2003

Transparent Regions

2003 2004

The Majoritarian Project: Informed Citizens and Accountable Government

2005 2008

Enhancing action against money-laundering and corruption in Romania: assisting the National Bureau for Preventing and Combating Money Laundering to improve the legal frame and administrative capacity


Participation and integrity in local budgets 2006


Capacity building in public procurement Serbia

2007 2009

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