List of Projects

Title Activity Type Policy Area Year

Reducing Corruption in Albania

2000 2004

Research project: monitoring of public expenditure and analysis of public auditing

2007 2008

Corruption monitoring system of Coalition 2000

1998 2004

Local anti-corruption network project: Monitoring for transparency and good governance at local level

2003 2004

Media monitoring system of Coalition 2000

2002 2005

Transparency and Civil Participation in Budget Policy of the Self-Governed City of Rustavi

2007 2008

Power to powerless

2003 2004

The Partnership for a Transparent Society

2001 2004

Coping with Corruption Toolkit

1999 2000

Promoting Active Citizen Engagement (ACTION) in Combating Corruption in Ukraine

2006 2009

Monitorimi i Gjykatave (Court Monitoring)

Monitoring the Implementation of the FOIA at Selected Public Authorities (on local and regional level)


Improving performance and accountability through citizen participation in the municipality of Lezha


Civil control over the work of court experts

2005 2006

Monitoring of corruptive practices in the area of municipal property management and public procurement in Bulgarian municipalities

2003 2004

Raising transparency through advocacy: challenges in fighting corruption

2005 2006

Towards establishing effective partnership: Improving citizen participation in anti-corruption initiatives at the local level


Reducing Political Corruption

2005 2007

Responsibility through transparency – access to public information in Romania and Yugoslavia


Good Governance Matrix

2007 2008

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