EuroPAM is an extension of the Public Accountability Mechanisms Initiative (PAM) of the World Bank, which is a primary data collection exercise that produces assessments of in-law and in-practice efforts to enhance the transparency of public administration and the accountability of public officials. The EuroPAM database is based on PAM indicators for financial disclosure, conflict of interest restrictions, and freedom of information, while also adding a newly designed database on public procurement, and updating the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) database on political financing.

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Government Transparency Index

The Government Transparency Index (T-index) is a unique assessment of government transparency based on different kinds of transparency services that countries offer to their citizens, encompassing both de jure and de facto aspects of transparency. This index can be used as an actionable tool for civil societies around the world and provides a guide through what needs to be advocated for. As such, the T-index offers information about the necessary changes in transparent services that should be offered by governments, which go further than the usual, but insufficient, adoption of freedom of information laws.

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Index of Public Integrity 

The Index of Public Integrity (IPI) assesses a society’s capacity to control corruption and ensure that public resources are spent without corrupt practices. It is based on years of research and evaluation of the efforts in different societies to make advances in the control of corruption. Evidence from comparisons across countries shows that establishing effective control of corruption requires more than the adoption of specific tools and strict legal regulations. It relies on a balance between a state that is calibrated to reduce the possibility of the abuse of influence and a society’s capacity to hold its government accountable. The IPI highlights the most important dimensions of that mechanism.

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OpenTender provides comprehensive public procurement information free of charge in an easy-to-use format to all interested parties. It is expected to increase market transparency, decrease transaction costs, and facilitate government accountability. Hence, a well-functioning central public procurement platform that contributes to achieving value for money in public procurement as well as to increase integrity throughout the public sector. The OpenTender platform allows you to search and analyse tender data from 33 jurisdictions (28 EU member states, Norway, the EU Institutions, Iceland, Switzerland, and Georgia), making public tenders more transparent.

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Corruption Risk Forecast

The Corruption Risk Forecast was built on top of a new generation of objective comparative indicators of corruption. It allows the forecasting of trends and unintended consequences at a country level, with the goal to select countries where interventions could have an impact and thus, be able to recommend timely and meaningful action to international donors and domestic actors of change. The forecast covers 12 years of observed determinants of control of corruption, including components of the IPI and recent political contingencies. Each country on the map displays its long-term trends and specific recommendations to tackle corruption.

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