In June 2023, Prof. Alina Mungiu-Pippidi presented ERCAS’s 2023 Transparency Index (T-index) at the World Bank in Washington, DC. The audience of anti-corruption experts and World Bank’s global partners was updated about the global status of government transparency, as well as imbalances across world regions. 

Welcome to a new generation of Transparency indicators! Straightforward. Directly observable. Actionable. And, of course, transparent! 

Our latest findings show that judiciaries are quite transparent, public expenditures more and more so, but any information which can be used directly to call officials to account is still strictly controlled. Read the full report: Transparency in the Time of War – A Survey for 143 Countries.


Anticorruption for Development (AC4D) Global Forum: Restoring Trust

Washington, DC | June 26 – 27 2023 | onsite or online

June 26, from 10:45    Drop by our T-index poster

Come by the ERCAS booth on June 26-27, 2023, at the World Bank’s AC4D Global Forum in Washington, DC. We present there our updated Government Transparency Index (T-index), now expanded to 143 countries! Also on live stream.

June 26, 11:45 – 12:45    Plenary Session: Ensuring Lasting Progress

Anticorruption efforts and policies can be blocked and overturned. This high-level session will focus on the factors and actors that can contribute to lasting institutional changes. Featured speakers will bring a diverse range of perspectives to this vexing problem.

Moderator: Daniel Eriksson, CEO, Transparency International