ERCAS as a practice partner at OECD’s 2020 Integrity Week, fourth year in a row.

ERCAS has been again designated a practice partner of OECD’s integrity week, fourth year in a row. On March 26 in Paris Alina Mungiu-Pippidi and Michael Johnston will launch SMART ACT,  the new interactive map which will be displayed on  allowing to flash out recent public integrity trends and forecast developments at national level.

The map is the product of the 2019 research seminar at Hertie School Transitions to Good Governance, which focuses on finding solutions to the lag of governance indicators to identify trends and  explain their underlying causes. It builds on the components of the Index for Public Integrity,with the aim to offer established advocates for action evidence based timely forecast and strategic advice for rapid action when window of opportunities occur.

The presentation of the map reviews ‘beyond the lag’- trends and the country cases where control of corruption is undergoing  or resisting change. The presentation will show how users can themselves contribute contents, as in order to beat the time lag of perception indicators reliable and timely crowdsourcing is essential.