Transparency International Bosnia & Herzegovina

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List of Projects

Title Activity Type Policy Area Year

Transparency Training

Training on Investigative Journalism in Corruption Issues


SELDI – Regional Report on Corruption

Promoting Transparency and Accountability

2009 2010

National Integrity System 2004

National Integrity System

Media Campaign: Accountability and Transparency in Bosnia&Herzegovina

Ethic promotion and fight against corruption

Elections Corruption Perception Survey 2008


Corruption Perception Study 2004


Corruption Perception Study 2002


Corruption as an election issue


Advocacy, Implementation and Evaluation of the National Integrity System, with Particular Focus on the Privatizations of Strategical Enterprises in BH

2008 2009

Advocacy and Legal Advice Centers

2006 2010

Accountability Program in the Western Balkans II

Accountability Program in the Western Balkans I

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