Accountability Program in the Western Balkans I

The TI Accountability Programme addresses the existing deficiencies in governments accountability in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia by proposing remedies in two key areas of good governance, which are currently insufficiently regulated:
- Conflict of interest of public officials
- Free access to information
The programme also aims at involving civil society in actively promoting and monitoring the above mentioned laws.
These goals are be reached by:
- Raising public awareness;
- Strengthening civil society in the region;
- Enhancing higher level of media professionalism;
- Reducing opportunities for conflict of interest of public officials;
- Ensuring free access to information for citizens.
The three-year programme is being implemented by the TI National Chapters in the respective countries and coordinated by he TI International Secretariat.

The project includes the following activities:
- Assessment of the existing legislation
- Improvement of the Laws
- Public awareness raising
- Training of journalists and CSOs representatives
- Training of public officials
- Monitoring the implementation of the Laws
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