Civil society in support of the public administration for more transparency, accessibility and accountability

The aim of the project was to increase the transparency, publicity and accountability of the municipal public administration through a strategic partnerships with the structures of the civil society. The project foresee: elevation of the current conditions regarding the transparency and accessibility in the work of the municipal administration; dissemination of the opportunities which the Law on Accessibility to Public Information gives to the structures of the civil society to control and monitor the work of the administration; provision of a basis for better cooperation between the municipal administration and the civil society and evaluation of best practices in the field in different EU countries. Some of the activities of the project include: 1. development and support of a web site of the association; 2. survey among civil society organizations regarding the level of transparency and accessibility of the public administration;3. development and publication of information materials concerning the project; 4. realization of educational events and round tables for the target groups - representatives of civil society organizations and experts from the municipal and regional administrations.
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