Corruption in environment protection

The project consisted of the cooperation of various ecological and environment protection NGOs aiming at researching and revealing of areas, which are most prone for corruptive activities within the environment protection area. The project membership was widely open and was not aimed at particular organizations. The leading organization, ‘Towarszystwo na rzecz Ziemi’ (Association for the Earth) sent out an invitation to both NGOs and governmental agencies informing them of the project. In result 7 partners contributes to the program (in total 8 organizations), most being NGOs and one a state agency, the Polish Chamber of Commerce.
The project gathered data about the aforementioned phenomena by application of different methods:
- monitoring of daily press and internet news portals to sift information about corruption in environmental
- 6 personal in depth interviews (companies from different sectors and various locations in Poland, although three located in Wrocław)
- ordering a public opinion poll on corruption in the environment protection area
- 302 phone interviews with companies around Poland
- Analysis of reports and accessible literature
Within the framework of the project different legal analyses were ordered related to environment protection issues.
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