Corruption in Estonia: analyzing 3 different target groups 2004

The Survey 'Corruption in Estonia': analyzing 3 different target groups was first time carried out 2004. The objective of the survey "Corruption in Estonia: a survey of three target groups"" was to find answers to the following questions:

1) how is corruption defined and to what extent it is condemned;

2) how far spread is corruption in the opinion of the respondents;

3) how frequent is exposure to corruption and what are the situations of potential exposure;

4) what is the readiness to report cases of corruption;

5) what is the potential material and moral damage caused by corruption?

The survey was carried out in December 2004 in three parts:
  • interviews with the general population of Estonia (1002 respondents, one-on-one interviews),
  • entrepreneurs (503 respondents, telephone interviews) and
  • employees of the public sector (901 respondents, internet interviews).
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