Enhancing Whistleblowers Protection in Lithuania

The project was aimed at development of legal instruments protecting whistleblowers in Lithuania. TILS was nominated by the Government to lead the drafting of the whistleblower protection law. The project consisted of three parts: 1) TILS analyzed the current reporting and whistleblowing legal framework and practices in Lithuania; 2) TILS developed a set of proposals to address the issue of whistleblower protection and encouragement by producing a draft law and design a draft institutional/systemic framework that would effectively address the issue of whistleblowing in Lithuania. Such a proposal were based on thorough national research and best practice examples; 3) TILS sought to have necessary whistleblower protection documents adopted by the Parliament and relevant institutions. TILS staff has held a number of meetings members of the Parliament, in order to secure their support for the draft law. Whenever they had a chance, TILS raised the issue of whistleblowing in the media (a number of TV and radio shows attended) or during events organized by public institutions (meetings of certain commissions, working groups, and conferences), etc.
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