Media Campaign: Accountability and Transparency in Bosnia&Herzegovina

Among the goals of the project:
- Promotion of good governance (promotion of transparency and accountability of governments and their role to serve the citizens);
- Increasement of public awareness of the problem of corruption (pointing out the proportion of the problem and its negative influence on society and living standards);
- Encouragement and promotion of intolerance for corruption (promotion of intolerance towards corruption and presentation of corruption as global a problem that society needs to solve if it wants to develop);
- Promotion of anti-corruption measures (encouragement of different initiatives, which could influence a decrease in corruption);
Introduction of anti-corruption mechanism to the citizens (introduce to the citizens the ways of reporting corruption);
- Encouragement of active civic participation in the fight against corruption (including NGOs, citizens and other organisations in activities of fighting the corruption);
- Raising citizens' awareness about the existence and possibilities that Conflict of Interrest and Freedom of Information laws offer;
- Dissemination of information about corruption to the public and other institutions (NGOs, international organisations and government agencies).
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