National Anti-Corruption Program- Ukraine

National Anti-Corruption Program

Freedom of Choice Coalition of NGOs of Ukraine Working Group


The National Anti-Corruption Program  (hereafter, NAP) is a system of concrete focused activities and projects of NGOs in Ukraine, aimed at curbing and lowering the level of corruption. Within its framework 132 NGOs were working in different regions of the country on about 40 projects aimed at monitoring the Government, providing legal assistance and education to citizens, and promoting the transparency of national and regional governments.

The main task of the NAP is to change society’s attitude to the problem of corruption and the liquidation of the pre-conditions for its existence.

The form and mechanism for the realization of the Program is oriented towards the maximal cooperation with the current system of government structures for combating corruption and utilizing the current anti-corruption laws. It foresees to use a concrete number of measures both quantitative and qualitative during its realization, and to achieve both short and long term goals. An important task of the NAP is to achieve visible results quickly within the realization of the Program.

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